VisionTech Partners Invests in Five Companies in 2013

Mar 04

INDIANAPOLIS, March 5, 2014 – – Last year was a busy one for VisionTech Partners, LLC. The Indianapolis-based investment firm has announced it completed five investments in early stage/early growth companies in 2013 through VisionTech Angels. This represents one of the most active years for VisionTech Partners, which was founded in 2008 as StepStone Business Partners.

Two companies received initial rounds of capital from VisionTech. They are Diagnotes, Inc., an Indianapolis-based healthcare information technology solutions company with a product that streamlines and automates workflows involving on-call healthcare providers; and Noxilizer, Inc., which produces NO2-based sterilization technology for medical device/pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers and hospitals.

Three companies received “follow on” investments from VisionTech, having been previously funded by the group. These include Courseload, an Indianapolis-based whose novel approach eliminates the barriers to print-to-digital textbooks for academia, while reducing the cost to students and institutions; Sentio MMG, a Michigan-based company that has developed proprietary nerve mapping technology that helps surgeons avoid injury nerves during minimally invasive surgical procedures; and SonarMed, Inc., an Indianapolis-based which provides advanced solutions for precise, real-time endotracheal tube monitoring aimed at improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs and risks.

VisionTech Partners Managing Director Oscar Moralez says the company expects to match 2013’s pace of investment in 2014. “Our deal flow from technology-based startup companies is very strong, which is good news for Indiana as it reflects the pro-business atmosphere of the state. It’s also favorable for VisionTech Angels as we are actively seeking promising technologies and companies in which to invest.”

Don Scifres, managing partner with VisionTech Partners, agrees a strong record of investing will bring more and better opportunities for both entrepreneurs and investors. “We consider ourselves the source of ‘smart capital and better results.’ It’s the product of having knowledgeable, engaged investors and advisors who recognize and support promising companies, and entrepreneurs who want to align themselves with strong investor partners.”

VisionTech Partners currently has five VisionTech Angels angel investor chapters: Bloomington, Lafayette, Indianapolis, Warsaw, and a “virtual” angel investor chapter, which enables people outside these geographic regions to participate in VisionTech Angels’ investment opportunities.

About VisionTech Partners

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