Our Investment Process

No investment is without risk, which is why VisionTech employs a very systematic and thorough screening and due diligence process. Though rigorous, this proven process provides meaningful insight and knowledge to both our investors and participating startups and entrepreneurs. Our investors are engaged at every step of the way, serving as experts during initial screening of startups and throughout due diligence. This is one of the significant value adds of VisionTech: the legacy knowledge, real-world experience, and involvement of our investors drives our deal flow and investments.

We Focus

On early-stage, early-growth startup companies in industries where we have institutional knowledge and experience, which enables us to focus on our “sweet spots.”

We Screen

Over 400 companies a year seeking to identify opportunities with the greatest potential to maximize investor return. No more than 16 companies a year make it through screening.

We Invest

Only after we hear startup pitches, gauge investor interest, and based on that, conduct extremely thorough due diligence intended to de-risk our investments as much as possible.

We Partner

With other angel investment and state funds as either a lead or co-investor to ensure the strongest deal flow possible and to invest as much capital as possible in high-potential startups.

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