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VisionTech is the preferred partner for entrepreneurs across the Midwest and the nation. Among our strengths are our leadership team; a tight-knit network of accredited angel investors across Indiana and Ohio who are passionate about investing in early-stage, early-growth startup companies; and our record of success.

Since our founding in 2009, VisionTech has invested millions in our portfolio companies and been rewarded with successful exits and IPOs. Our investments tend to focus in these sectors:

  • Advanced materials
  • Agtech
  • Energy hardware
  • IoT technology
  • Life sciences
  • Medical device
  • SaaS
  • Supply chain
  • Sports marketing

VisionTech also works to entrepreneurs’ advantage with our deep rolodex. We have relationships with other angel investing groups in the Midwest and across the country as well as with state and university-sponsored investment entities, venture firms, and venture studios that can help commercialize technologies and accelerate growth. It’s not uncommon for us to participate in each other’s deals or refer startups in industries not in our wheelhouse. Either way, startups win by maximizing exposure and engagement with topnotch investing groups.

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