Syndication: Leveraging Our Investments

We like to say VisionTech’s rolodex is deep and it’s true. We maintain active relationships with other angel investing groups around the country as well as state and university-sponsored investment entities to syndicate deals. These relationships are mutually beneficial in these ways:

  • Helps ensure a robust deal flow by identifying attractive investment opportunities we may not typically be privy to;
  • Creates opportunities to co-invest through syndicates that drive more capital to promising startups;
  • Allows us to lead investment rounds or accept another group’s due diligence;
  • Refer deals to other groups with expertise or a focus on industries not in our wheelhouse; and
  • Attract more investors to our deals.

    VisionTech investors and startups win by maximizing exposure to deals and engagement with other investing groups that have a solid investment history, an investment portfolio that complements or expands our own, and whose leadership and members share our investing objectives and core values. These are some of our co-investing partners:

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