Our Focus Is on Better Results for Investors

VisionTech investors are among the brightest minds in business, technology, and the life sciences the Midwest has to offer, bringing capital, experience, and industry insight to our deals. We welcome accredited investors who want to do more than write checks. Our investors want to be involved and our members include active and retired executives, entrepreneurs, attorneys, physicians, bankers, and university faculty. We are committed to advancing startup companies and technologies with the potential of delivering significant return to our investors. Our goal is to bridge the gap between early stage funding and other investment rounds.

From an industry perspective, we focus on technology-based companies in advanced materials, agriculture, energy hardware, IoT, life sciences, medical device, SaaS, sports marketing, and supply chain. These sectors are well supported by Indiana’s existing economic and intellectual infrastructure. They also are areas in which we have significant real world expertise and success. Additionally, our focus includes:

  • Group’s initial investment size of $200,000 to $500,000
  • Investment size per member averages $10,000, but invest $5,000 per opportunity
  • Large or rapidly growing market
  • Strong management team with a clear vision and impeccable integrity
  • Proprietary or innovative product or service with a scalable business model
  • Product or service that clearly solves an industry need or social issue
  • Market-ready platform technology or product
  • Ability to attract future funding
  • Credible exit potential

VisionTech Angels hosts bi-monthly pitch events held live online and in-person. Our members have the option to invest or pass on all deals. VisionTech Angels is not a fund. We do not invest on behalf of our community of angels. We do, however, form a single purpose entity to make a combined, single investment.

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