VisionTech, IU Kelley School of Business Collaborate On New Physician-Led Angel Investing Group

Sep 07

AngelBomCMYKINDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (September 7, 2016) – VisionTech Partners, which oversees one of the Midwest’s most active angel investing groups, just added its sixth chapter in Indiana. AngelBom, which derives its name from “business of medicine,” is an Affinity angel investing group dedicated to alumni of the IU Kelley School of Business, Business of Medicine Program, all of whom are physicians.

Based in Indianapolis, AngelBom joins VisionTech Angel groups in Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Lafayette, and Warsaw. It will draw its membership from a growing number of physicians across the nation who have earned MBAs from the IU Kelley School of Business.

AngelBom is the brainchild of IU Kelley School faculty members Todd Saxton, PhD, and Kim Saxton, PhD, and one of their recent MBA graduates, Dr. Tom Heniff, an emergency medicine physician with Witham Hospital in Lebanon, Indiana. The three believe the group brings a dynamic new dimension to VisionTech Angels and the Business of Medicine Program.

“A significant portion of our physician MBA program is dedicated to the strategy of creating and running businesses,” explains Todd Saxton, the Indiana Venture Faculty Fellow at the IU Kelley School. “Starting an Affinity angel investing group with VisionTech Angels gives our alumni, students, and colleagues a unique opportunity to put their MBAs into action, while leveraging their knowledge and experience as physicians.

Added Kim Saxton, a clinical associate professor in Marketing at the IU Kelley School, “These are people who are problem-solvers and logical thinkers, both valuable qualities for angel investors. AngelBom allows them to stay connected through angel investing. ”

VisionTech Managing Director Oscar Moralez says the new physician-led chapter is a perfect complement to the organization’s other angel investing chapters. “Members of AngelBom have first-hand knowledge and experience in the life sciences and healthcare arenas, both of which are sources of innovative technology and start-ups. Their insight will be valuable in evaluating potential deals. We also expect AngelBom to contribute to our deal flow. With its nationwide network of IU physician, MBAs, this could be significant.”