VisionTech Good News Community: Resonado Labs’ Flat Core Speaker Technology Debuts in RV Industry

Feb 03

CHICAGO, Illinoise (February 2, 2021)Resonado Labs, a VisionTech portfolio company and audio technology startup out of the University of Notre Dame, today announced its proprietary Flat Core Speaker™ (FCS™) technology will first be available to consumers in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. This novel technology will first be implemented in iconic travel brand Airstream Inc.’s 2022 Touring Coach model line. The launch will represent the first implementation of FCS technology into an established consumer product line.

FCS technology is hitting the market at a time when everything is becoming sleeker, more efficient, and increasingly immersive. It’s challenging the ubiquity of the century-old conventional conical speaker type, whose form is recognized globally as the volume icon. FCS technology was engineered as a fully scalable sustainable alternative that packs a larger sound into a smaller space enabling unprecedented design innovation. The slim profile and flat diaphragm of the speaker’s architecture caters directly to the growing demand across industries for slim and space-efficient, yet high performance and immersive audio products.

“Having started our company in South Bend, the first industry we really engaged with was the RV industry because of the physical proximity to Elkhart, which is known as the RV capital of the world” said Resonado Labs Co-Founder and CEO Brian Youngil Cho. “With RV as our beachhead market, we were able to gather unique insights that we’ve been able to apply to now active projects in both the automotive and home audio industries. And it’s a privilege to debut our technology in Airstream, one of the most iconic American brands in existence today”

Resonado Labs designed custom speakers built with the company’s patented technology to seamlessly integrate into RVs. FCS technology’s slim yet powerful characteristics enabled a sound system with a beautiful, unobtrusive design that occupies minimal real estate, a key value proposition for an RV, a vehicle that doubles as a home with every essential amenity for travelers. The technology’s form factor also enables the speakers to be placed in previously impossible locations, ideal for a more immersive sound experience. Resonado Labs partnered with RiverPark, the leader in supplying consumer electronics to the RV, commercial vehicle, and adjacent OEM industries, for design assembly and distribution. Details of the Resonado Labs’ speaker system are slated to be unveiled later this year.

“We’re excited to work with Resonado Labs on this launch, and sincerely believe that this will mark a significant milestone by signaling a change of design expectations at the intersection of the audio and RV industries” said Steve Bollero, President of RiverPark.

About Resonado Labs
Resonado Labs is an American technology company that designs and licenses proprietary speaker driver technologies to brands and manufacturers. The company’s core pursuit is to develop speaker driver architecture that achieves optimal form and function, without compromise. Resonado Labs’ flagship product, Flat Core Speaker™ (FCS™) technology, is the first manifestation of that pursuit. FCS technology is a novel electrodynamic speaker driver type engineered with a low depth structural profile and high diaphragm aspect ratio as an alternative to the conventional conical driver type to allow for innovative, space-efficient product designs without experiencing tradeoffs in sound performance. Developed to be completely scalable, FCS technology is an audio component solution that can be implemented in products ranging from consumer electronics, to vehicles, to architectural spaces. Resonado Labs was founded at the University of Notre Dame and is now headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Visit

About Riverpark
RiverPark was founded in 1981 as a national distributor of mobile audio products to the U.S. Recreational Vehicle Industry. Through the years RiverPark has increased its offerings to include a full line of electronics while expanding into other diverse OEM markets. RiverPark has developed alliances with leading consumer electronics companies to develop OEM products designed for their specific markets. This focus has allowed us to understand the ever-changing needs of our customers. RiverPark distributes major brands including Bose, Connexx, Harman, JBL, Mobileye, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony and Xite Solutions. As a leading national electronics distributor our success is measured by our clients choosing RiverPark and our ability to exceed their expectations. Visit