Venture360 Makes Link Between Angels and Start-ups More Seamless, More Connected

Apr 01

Whether you’re an angel investor managing a portfolio, an entrepreneur in search of capital, or a portfolio company building your business, keeping on top of changing investment and business scenarios and administrative duties associated with investing can be a challenge.

For VisionTech Angels, it’s an opportunity.

We recently adopted the Venture360 investment platform, thus creating a more synergistic, interactive relationship between our angel investors and start-up companies. The new web-based platform has separate portals for current VisionTech Angels, prospective investors and entrepreneurs seeking investment, enabling more immediate communications and seamless investment processes. The result? VisionTech now has a more connected and engaged investment community.

Venture360 offers tremendous benefits. VisionTech Angels and our portfolio companies have individual accounts. Angels have access to detailed information on each of their investments, while portfolio companies have comprehensive profiles on their companies. When they update their profiles, individual investors are automatically sent a notice, resulting in enhanced communications.

The application process for those interested in becoming a VisionTech Angel or applying for funding is also streamlined.

Venture360 is a much more efficient tool for due diligence and financial administration. It includes an electronic signature feature that eliminates the need for a separate electronic document sharing software. It also online ACH payment processing so there are no fees or hassles of bank wires.

Don, Tony, and I are very excited about the Venture360 platform. Accounts have been created for all VisionTech Angels and for our portfolio companies; it’s up to you to activate your account! The platform is intuitive and easy to use, but we’re also happy to walk you through it. To get started now, here are the links you need:

VisionTech Angels Start Now

Interested Investors Start Now

Entrepreneurs Start Now