Raising the Bar: VisionTech Angels Moves to ProSeeder

Sep 12
Oscar Moralez, Managing Director
Oscar Moralez, Managing Director

Angel investment groups rely on their technology platforms to manage and share information between entrepreneurs and angel investors. This is particularly true for VisionTech Angels and our five chapters (Bloomington, Indianapolis, Lafayette, Warsaw, and our virtual chapter). As we’ve grown and assumed more of a leadership role in Indiana’s innovation ecosystem—note the recent success co-hosting The Innovation Showcase—communications among our members about deals, portfolio companies, events and other issues, has become increasingly important.

Last spring, VisionTech Angels launched a comprehensive search for a more robust technology platform that would lend itself to supporting our increased complexity as an angel group. The timing couldn’t be better. Several new technology platforms have recently entered the angel group space and offer a variety of tools and functionality to meet the needs of complex angel groups. After consulting with other angel groups, testing the functionality of two contender platforms, and interviewing the management of both companies to ensure financial stability and long-term viability as well as the security and functionality of their platforms, we decided to move to ProSeeder.

We are very excited to offer this new platform to our VisionTech Angel members as it matches our member needs and our operational processes more closely. We also appreciate the fact that it was co-developed with Golden Seeds, one of the largest angel groups in the country with more than 300 active investors. The system offers many benefits such as a more engaging dashboard, a full suite of communications features, the ability to thoroughly facilitate the end-to-end deal process, manage the investor accreditation process, and support portfolio management and reporting.

We are in the process of populating our new ProSeeder site with our portfolio companies, and will be using it immediately to send out meeting notices. VisionTech Angel members are also encouraged to jump on as soon as possible and create their investor profiles. ProSeeder is a more dynamic platform than our previous one and may require time for users to get comfortable using. ProSeeder has provided us with a very helpful quick start guide that we are happy to share with our members. It provides essential, easy-to-steps in setting up your account and navigating the system.

If you can’t tell, I am very excited about our new investment platform and eager for everyone to start using it. Ultimately, ProSeeder will enable our members to engage at a higher level with other VisionTech Angels and with entrepreneurs. And that’s a great thing!