PivotCX (formerly WorkHere) Invested 2016 | Exited 2024

PivotCX’s candidate engagement platform accelerates candidate flow and human-to-human conversations that empower recruiters to make better hires faster through live SMS texting. At the same time, PivotCX replaces the long, opaque hiring process for jobseekers with immediate, personalized gratification upon applying for a job, enabling them to land a  desired job quickly and with confidence and transparency in the process. PivotCX’ platform integrates with many ATS, CRM, and HRIS systems as well as job boards, social media, and career websites, and enables automated and person-to-person conversations via text, email and voice. Data collection and thoughtfully designed, information-laden dashboards complete the SaaS solution that’s quickly becoming the go-to tool for recruiters. In April 2018, WorkHere received the Indiana Innovation of the Year MIRA Award at Techpoint’s 19th annual MIRA Gala.

PivotCX was acquired by Daxtra on April 24, 2024. Learn more here.

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