SpinTech Holdings Invested 2018

 Headquartered in Xenia, Ohio, Spintech Holdings, Inc. is primarily composed of two divisions that focus on delivering high-value, complex-geometry composite solutions and products to the aerospace and defense markets. The Smart Tooling division provides patented, game-changing shape memory polymer tooling solutions for manufacturing complex geometry composite parts that result in improved quality, lower labor and consumable cost, and faster throughput. In other words, Smart Tooling allows complex geometry composite parts to be made better, cheaper and faster!

The Hawthorn Composites division utilizes a combination of lower cost materials, resin infusion and novel manufacturing methods, like Smart Tooling, to significantly drive down the cost of complex geometry composite parts, while still delivering high quality and performance equivalent results. Hawthorn Composites has case studies documenting switching from hand-applied pre-preg to make a complex geometry composite part to dry carbon fiber and resin infusion with Smart Tooling that result in savings up to 67 percent.

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