PhotoniCare Invested 2017

Based in Champaign, IL, PhotoniCare was founded out of a shared passion to make a real impact on the health of children, starting with middle ear infections. With $10 billion spent annually to manage ear infections, and a documented 50 percent misdiagnosis rate for primary care physicians, PhotoniCare is focusing its first product on making the otherwise invisible…visible. The FDA-approved TOMi Scope is the only technology capable of visualizing through the eardrum to assess middle ear fluid directly and noninvasively.

Current tools used to diagnose fluid in the middle ear can be difficult to use reliably in squirming or crying children and rely heavily on user expertise to interpret a simple image or measurement of the eardrum. Designed to eliminate subjectivity and speculation, the simple-to-use TOMi Scope has more than 90 percent reader accuracy in determining the presence or absence of fluid in the middle ear. TOMi is FDA indicated to not only visualize the presence of fluid, but also the fluid’s density, and do all of this even in the presence of earwax.