iCHOR Vascular Invested 2024

iCHOR is developing simple, smart technologies to transform the treatment of peripheral vascular occlusions. The Company is the creator of the iSWEEP Mechanical Thrombectomy System, the first technology to convert the standard-of-care Fogarty® sweep technique into a minimally invasive endovascular procedure.  It is an elegant and versatile “on the table” solution to treat a wide range of peripheral vascular occlusions and is easily adopted by surgeons.

iCHOR was founded by interventional radiologist Troy Long, MD, and medical device industry veteran Tim Blair. They identified an opportunity to develop new technologies to address these large unmet needs in treating peripheral vascular occlusions. This collaboration has lead to the development of the iSWEEP platform technology that has converted the tried and true Fogarty balloon sweep technique from an open surgery to a simple, minimally-invasive endovascular procedure.

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