Smart Apply Invested 2021 | Exited 2023

The Smart-Apply® Intelligent Spray Control System enables tree fruit and nut growers and vineyards to significantly decrease chemical and water use by more than 50% and more while still maximizing crop yields. The USDA-based, laser-enabled, density-based sprayer technology works to eliminate the issue of “drift” in which chemicals intended for trees and vines drift into adjacent fields and waterways. Not only is this wasteful and costly, it also poses a threat to the environment. Thus, precision spraying not only helps increase yields, reduce costs and preserves water, it also benefits the environment. The Smart-Apply system is sold as an add-on kit and works with existing air blast sprayer.

Smart Apply was acquired by John Deere on July 14, 2023. 44 VisionTech Member Investors invested in Smart Apply over three rounds, realizing return on investment in 19 months or less.