Elevate K-12 Invested 2018

Elevate K-12 is disrupting online learning with its live online instruction service. 

School is one of the first places where students can begin to imagine the futures they’ll have, and so much of that comes back to the teachers that inspire them. So amid crisis-level teacher shortages, Elevate K-12 is on a mission to expand access to live education across the country, so no student is without a teacher.

Elevate K-12 brings the classroom of the future to life with its proprietary livestream learning systems, which connect certified Live Teachers to hundreds of classrooms across 27 states to provide fully synchronous and interactive instruction, directly into classrooms and on a school’s bell schedule.

Its programs are powered by passionate teachers, curriculum experts, and former educators, and they’re all designed to keep the classroom experience as engaging and inspiring as possible.

Elevate K-12 is a creative, challenging, and adventurous community where individuals and teams are driven by growth, collaboration, and the goal to constantly push boundaries and disrupt the status quo. But through all of this, Elevate K-12 always remember why they’re here: to make sure that access to a certified teacher can be a reality for every student, no matter where they live or what their circumstance.

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