Botanisol Analytics Invested 2022

Botanisol was founded in 2017 by David Talenfeld and James Foley to detect and quantify chemical compositions in seconds to determine the molecular makeup of substances instantly for screening of diseases, contaminants and intoxicants. Using next-generation Raman spectrometer technology, Botanisol’s small, portable device can be used in a variety of industries for inquiries ranging from disease or drug screening to chemical, biological and explosive threats. Botanisol is working with global partners in medicine, armed forces, agriculture, automotive, oil and gas and more to develop and test its technology. Among the applications is an autonomous testing kiosk that combines the accuracy of a medical lab with the convenience of an ATM machine. The kiosks would enable individuals to be screened for infectious disease in locations like an airport, pharmacy, or other locations without a doctor’s appointment with no need for insurance.