Adipo Therapeutics Invested 2023

Adipo Therapeutics was founded to realize the potential of a proprietary, therapeutic approach to treat people with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

While current treatment approaches focus on increasing exercise, decreasing food intake, and increasing insulin, Adipo believes there is another option. Our promise to the millions of people living with obesity and diabetes is to transform the management of their disease by changing energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat. Transformation of adipose tissue through browning has the potential to use the body’s own physiology to raise energy expenditure, reduce adiposity and improve insulin resistance.

To accomplish this, we are developing an innovative technology platform of localized, polymer-based nanoparticulate delivery of Notch inhibitors to induce white adipocyte browning in specific fat depots. The physiological effects of the newly formed brown adipose tissue will drive greater energy expenditure and improved insulin sensitivity. Adipo’s innovative therapy combines the recent discovery of the role played by Notch signaling in adipocyte browning, with advances in polymer-based drug delivery to minimize the risk of systemic toxicity. Adipo’s treatment offers the potential of a unique value proposition for the treatment of obesity and diabetes, providing sustainable weight loss, improved glucose control and systemic metabolism, with minimized off-target side effects.