Creating Synergy for Startups: The University Connection

Mar 21

By Don Scifres

VisionTech Partners is where inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, universities, and strategic partners converge to share, develop, fund, and launch innovative technologies.

It’s easy to relate universities with basketball teams, particularly during March Madness. (Think any Big Twelve team.) Or with football. (Think Texas.) Or baseball. (Think Texas.)

But how often do we associate universities with some of the most successful brands on the planet? How about the world’s top sports beverage, Gatorade, developed at the University of Florida. Or the world’s social networking powerhouse, Facebook, which was hatched in a Harvard dorm room.

The fact is, universities are often the source of the next big idea, the next life-saving medical treatment, and the next Wall Street success. And it’s why earlier this month, VisionTech Partners formed a strategic relationship with The Purdue Foundry, part of the Purdue Research Foundation. The purpose of our partnership is to expedite the transfer of Purdue innovations to the public through commercialization deals and development of startups.

The arrangement is pure synergy. The Purdue Foundry’s mission is to provide entrepreneurial resources to Purdue students, faculty, and staff aimed at launching new technologies and startup companies. VisionTech Partners and the VisionTech Angels are focused on building Indiana’s innovation ecosystem, which includes funding and mentoring promising companies. So aligning with Purdue’s brilliant minds is exactly where we need to be.

As a Purdue alumnus, I am thrilled that VisionTech Partners will be working closer with the Boilermaker family to launch new technologies and startup companies. Every success puts a “W” in the win column for Indiana and our future. We look forward to forging similar partnerships with the state’s other research universities.