VisionTech Angels

VisionTech Angels was established in 2009 In Indianapolis to bring together high net-worth individuals interested in learning about and participating in unique investment opportunities in early-stage growth companies.

Today, we have chapters across Indiana – Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Greater Lafayette, Indianapolis – a chapter in Dayton, Ohio; AngelBom, a physicians-only chapter; and a virtual chapter that engages investors from across the country. Our membership is diverse and includes business executives, lawyers, physicians, university faculty, and former professional athletes. We come together monthly to invest, share expertise, participate in launching promising companies, build professional and personal networks, and have fun.

VisionTech Angel chapters meet on a bi-monthly basis to hear presentations from entrepreneurs and startup companies seeking investment. Presenting companies have gone through a rigorous due diligence process; our investment focus is to evaluate opportunities and assist our angels in making the best possible investment decisions. Angels have the option on each deal to invest or pass. Combined investments by the group range from $200,000 to $500,000 or more. VisionTech Angels is not a fund and therefore we do not invest on behalf of our community of angels; however, we do form a single purpose entity to make a combined, single investment.

We also serve as advocates for Indiana’s innovation ecosystem. We strive to educate and inform investors and entrepreneurs, foster opportunities, promote networking, and advance promising ventures. Our fingers are on the pulse of government, academia, various business organizations, and groups in support of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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You are invited to join any chapter, including our virtual chapter, which extends our investment opportunities to investors across the country.

Bloomington Chapter President
Pat East
CEO, Hanapin Marketing

Dayton, Ohio Chapter President
Kim Frazier
Director, Growth Initiatives, TEC Dayton

Fort Wayne Chapter President
Eric Beier, MD, MBA
CEO, MatrixBio

Indianapolis Chapter President
Ben Pidgeon
Executive Director
VisionTech Partners, LLC

Greater Lafayette Chapter President
Riley Gibb
Director of Collaborations
Purdue Foundry