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Innovation is the source of new products and services. It defines how information is collected and shared. How cures for disease are found. Enhances agriculture. Advances manufacturing. Innovation makes life better, energizes communities, and makes economies more robust.

Innovation requires investment, knowledge, and guidance to make the leap from a good idea to a game-changing success.

At the center of Indiana’s innovation ecosystem is VisionTech Partners and VisionTech Angels. We are where inventors, entrepreneurs, investors, universities, and strategic partners converge to share, develop, fund, and launch innovative technologies.

We’re entrepreneurs and angels investors ourselves. We founded VisionTech Partners as StepStone Business Partners in 2008 in Indianapolis as a privately held company focused on linking angel investors to high-potential early-stage companies. Our focus is Indiana and the Midwest, which is among the most vibrant innovation regions in the country. Here’s why:

The Hoosier State is home to Purdue University, Indiana University, the University of Notre Dame, and other leading institutions of higher learning, giving us a strong intellectual infrastructure. Indiana is working purposefully to create a productive, pro-business, low-tax environment, from smart policies to reasonable regulation to a strong infrastructure. Indiana is ranked fifth nationally—and first in the Midwest—in Chief Executive magazine’s annual survey of “Best and Worst States” for doing business.

Indiana also leads the way in life sciences and agri-business, areas critical to global interests. Information technology companies are exploding here, creating a wealth of technology, talent, and support for other companies. Advanced manufacturing thrives here. Leadership across all sectors—business, government, universities and health care—is strong and forward thinking in Indiana.

What VisionTech Partners bring to the table is a thoughtful, systematic, and proven approach to deliver financial and strategic support to promising entrepreneurs and startup companies. We provide investors with meaningful opportunities to invest and build companies based on extensive due diligence. We engage a network of seasoned business, industry, and technology partners who are available to lend their expertise. And we also maintain a national network of angel and venture capital firms, leveraging our ability to find and procure capital and commercialization opportunities.

Our goal is to maximize the value we bring to our stakeholders and deliver results that create win-win situations for all. The result is Smarter Capital and Better Results.

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CEO, Hanapin Marketing

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Director, Growth Initiatives, TEC Dayton

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Eric Beier, MD, MBA
CEO, MatrixBio

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Ben Pidgeon
Executive Director
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