NX PharmaGen Invested 2012

Secured a licensing agreement with photonamic GmbH & Co. KG in April 2018. NX PharmaGen has developed a novel molecular diagnostics platform for preterm birth, cancer and other diseases. The NeXosome™ Platform enables the collection of valuable diagnostic data via the analysis of biomarker-containing microvesicles (a.k.a. exosomes) shed from placental, tumor, or diseased cells into the bloodstream. The blood-based NeXosome™ Preterm Birth Assay has been shown to identify pregnancies at-risk for preterm delivery as early as 15-17 weeks gestation in both pilot university studies and confirmatory, independent, blinded third party studies. The NeXosome Platform can be leveraged to produce a series of products that will enable the time series evaluation of the molecular machinery of a tumor through the phases of screening, diagnosis, drug selection, treatment response, and tumor recurrence.


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