VisionTech Partners’ mission is to help stimulate Indiana’s economic growth and prosperity by linking qualified investors with high potential, early-stage technology companies. VisionTech Partners wants to energize a new wave of stakeholders who are interested in seeing the entrepreneurial initiatives continue to grow by forming VisionTech Angels.
An angel Investor is a high net worth individual (accredited investor) who provides capital for a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. Oftentimes angels invest for reasons that go beyond pure monetary return, including staying abreast of current trends, mentoring entrepreneurs, stimulating local economic development, and satisfying individual entrepreneurial interests.
An angel group is a collection of 10 to 150 angels that come together with the goal of sharing investment opportunities, due diligence, collective intelligence, and pooled resources so that an individual can spread investments to more companies. There are more than 300 angel groups in the United States, and statistics show they are 50 percent more effective than individual angels in making good investment decisions.
VisionTech Angels is looking for individuals who want to invest a portion of their portfolio into high-potential early stage companies, but haven’t because they have been too busy to find the right companies and/or aren’t familiar with analyzing and structuring the investment. Also, if funds available for such investing are in the range of $25,000 to $100,000 annually, then it would be difficult to diversify your investment on your own. If this sounds like you, then we invite you to look at VisionTech Angels.
VisionTech Angels helps mitigate risk by exposing you to many more pre-qualified deals, vetting these deals using proven best-practices analysis, and pooling resources that enable you to spread your investments over a greater number of promising companies. The group will further mitigate risk by applying the collective intelligence of its members in vetting deals. VisionTech Angels will teach you how to be an effective angel investor and the group will allow you to be even more effective.
Expectations are:

  • Annual Membership Fee
  • Ability to invest from $25,000 to $100,000 or more annually
  • Willingness to attend meetings and actively contribute to deal assessments
  • Ability to make your own decision on whether to invest, by leveraging the collective intelligence of the angel group
  • Desire to network and have fun participating in the entrepreneurial process

Our partners have always thought that investing where we live and work, with people we meet and can get to know personally, and in companies where we can “kick the tires,” provides a complementary alternative to the current uncertainties of Wall Street. During these uncertain times, we are interested in evaluating exciting new companies that have the potential to generate tremendous economic energy as a complement to traditional Wall Street and real estate investments.
You are not relying on VisionTech Angels for investment decisions. You are relying on yourself to make good decisions, but with the support of proven due diligence processes and the collective intelligence delivered by the group. As a member of VisionTech Angels, you will only be investing in those early-stage companies in which you have personal interest. VisionTech Angels will help facilitate that process by vetting the companies, organizing the group of interested investors, and exposing you to proven due diligence and investment structure processes. You have final say on your personal investment.
VisionTech Angels is not a fund. With angel funds, investors provide capital to be invested by the fund directors with little or no input from the investors. VisionTech Angels believes that our investors bring their own knowledge and experience to the investment decision. You should be able to decide which investment opportunities you would like to pursue. Based on what is happening on Wall Street, many investors want to know where and how their money is being invested and to have input on this investment decision. Angel investing is for individuals who want to be active and hands on with their investments. It is not for everyone.

  • Annual membership fees from VisionTech Angels
  • Portfolio management fees
  • Profit sharing on successful investments
  • Management consulting services to companies

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You are invited to join any chapter, including our virtual chapter, which extends our investment opportunities to investors across the country.

Bloomington Chapter President
Pat East
CEO, Hanapin Marketing

Dayton, Ohio Chapter President
Kim Frazier
Director, Growth Initiatives, TEC Dayton

Fort Wayne Chapter President
Eric Beier, MD, MBA
CEO, MatrixBio

Indianapolis Chapter President
Ben Pidgeon
Executive Director
VisionTech Partners, LLC

Greater Lafayette Chapter President
Riley Gibb
Director of Collaborations
Purdue Foundry